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The Death of the Wild Human

Hunting is a topic that has become controversial in the UK. The hunting of foxes has been illegal since November 2004 across England, Scotland and Wales yet somehow people manage to get around it with legislations about foxes being vermin.

However, prior to the fox hunting ban in 2004, the hunting of these animals was primarily for sport. The hunters would take their dogs and try and find the trail of a fox and would allow their dogs to tear the fox apart. If there was a child present and it was their first hunt, the fox’s blood would be smeared across their cheeks.

In my opinion this is a vulgar practice, however to this day people still partake in hunting foxes and other animals for sport.

In the wild, animals are only ever hunted for food. So what made humans start killing for sport?

wildWhen we were still living in caves, humans had to hunt for food. But is it possible that as civilisation grew and food became readily available from establishments such as butchers, humans began hunting for sport? We all know how bloodthirsty the Medieval English were with their hangings and their beheadings. Is the practice of hunting for sport one of the few remaining traditions that the British have that remains from long ago?

I appreciate many traditions, but hunting is not one of them. As an animal lover, the idea of a poor animal being killed because someone thought it would be fun makes me feel quite ill. If I was old enough and confident enough when the fox hunting ban was going on, no doubt I would have had my picket out and marched around Parliament Square. Sadly I was only ten when the whole thing kicked off and I doubt my parents would have allowed me to get involved. Things like protests tend to get nasty.

Hunting for food, however, is something I’m fine with. I eat meat as do many other creatures that live on this planet; cats, dogs, lions, tigers, birds of prey, badgers…

Wild carnivorous animals rely on hunting their prey. You don’t see a lion going to a butcher, do you? (Though that would be a sight to see!)
Before humans became domestic creatures, we relied on hunting wild sheep, bulls, sabre-toothed tigers (if they even existed before and during the stone age).

How our species has evolved was a natural process. But the way our civilisation behaves is, in my opinion, unnatural. When the first human was born about 100,000 ago, they would have been born into a family of what we see today as “savages”, people who kill to survive.

The wild humans were the most pure humans there have ever been. What we are today is a diluted version of what we are meant to be.

I don’t see the first humans as savages, I see what the humans have become as savages. Before the death penalty was banned in 1964, we used to be entertained by the blood shed of others, we still hunt innocent animals that have not developed over time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the life I have. I have a family that love me, amazing friends and beautiful pets. But I crave to be a wild woman, as I’m sure many people do nowadays. Get away from the technology of the modern age and just live in the dirt and breathe in the pure air of the trees.

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Pantheism Rambley Post

Hello guys and gals!

Today I’m going to do a bit of a more in depth explanation for today’s Youtube video. If you haven’t seen it I will put it here:

So in the video I am talking about a topic called Pantheism, which is the belief that all living things are a part of a larger universal force; humans, creatures, plants, are all part of a greater life force which is the universe.

It was the very lovely Annika Garrett who inspired me to make this video (more of a video response but they don’t exist anymore, damn you Youtube!) as it is a topic that I strongly believe in but couldn’t put a name to it. The beauty of Wicca is that you can pull bits and pieces from other faiths to make it your own path.

I’ve felt for a long time that all living things are part of a greater ecosystem, I discovered that I felt like this not long after I Pantheism - Buddhaactually dedicated to the Wiccan Way (not when I dedicated to Mother Gaia in November last year). The bacteria and blood cells inside of us make up our personal ecosystem, we make up Mother Gaia’s ecosystem, and Mother Gaia makes up part of the ecosystem of the universe, along with all the other billions of planets that exist and may or may not support life. Without her the universe would be out of balance, in the same way that if you lose someone you love the ecosystem of your family unbalances. It rectifies itself eventually, but it will never be the same.

All of these theories, in my opinion, knit together and I feel that this theory makes sense. Some people will, inevitably, disagree with me. But I just thought I’d put it out there.

Annika is a wonderful lady, if you haven’t had a look at her video about pantheism, I will post it here:

I hope you enjoyed reading, guys. Have a lovely day and Blessed Be.

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Making my own shampoo!

As you may have seen on Friday’s vlog video, one of my dreams in life is to have a self-sufficient farm; growing my own fruit and vegetables, my own wood for felling and keeping heat in the house, a water wheel to generate water for drinking and to use in the house, a wheat farm for making flour for cakes and bread and an acre of land full of different animals; cows, sheep and chickens. These animals would not be slaughtered for meat, but kept to produce eggs, milk, butter, cheese and wool.

Something I’m venturing into at the moment, however, is producing my own shampoo.

I have quite long hair (measuring about 29 inches from my forehead to the ends), and a problem that people with longer hair face is that most hair products contain a product called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (or SLS). SLS can be detrimental to the health of the hair and scalp as it dries out the skin and strips the oil from the shafts of your hair.

Large manufacturers, such as L’Oreal, have produced products that do not contain Sulphates, however they still contain products such as parabens and silicones which can be damaging to the hair. SLS, however, is the one to avoid.

So the process of making your own shampoos… is quite difficult. I’ve only attempted it once so far, but will be trying it again. As difficult as it is, it’s a lot of fun as you get to enjoy making your own products.

If you want to do this, what you will need is:

  • A bar (or two) of Castile soap
  • Two mugs of a herbal or fruit tea of your choice to colour the mixture (I used lavender night time tea by Pukka and got a kind of biscuit colour)
  • Four teaspoons of olive oil
  • Two teaspoons of your desired essential oil(s) (I used eucalyptus and lavender)

A mistake that I made was putting the soap in the saucepan first. Next time I do it I’m going to boil the tea, let it brew, then put the tea into the saucepan with the soap. By putting the soap in first, I actually burnt the soap which I didn’t consider at first. I just thought it was going to melt. I know for next time, haha!

So how do you do it? Don’t put the soap in first, for a start.

Let the tea brew in the cups for about ten minutes, remove the teabags and pour into a saucepan. Once you’ve turned on the hob, chop up your soap bar(s) and put them in the pan as well. Keep stirring until the mixture starts to look a bit like a paste. Keep stirring until all the lumps have gone.

Once you’re happy with the mixture, start pouring in your oils. First the olive oil, stir that in. Then pour in your essential oils. This is for the scent as well as the nourishment that it has for your hair. Again, next time I try this I’ll most likely use oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and almond oil. The smell of the eucalyptus and lavender are lovely, but I found that they were quite drying for my hair.

It’s up to you how you want to present your shampoo, whether you want to present it as a shampoo bar (like Lush) or whether you want it in a container like your typical off the shelf brand. I put mine in a bottle. You have to act quickly as the product starts to cool as it does start to harden if you haven’t mixed the product properly.

If you want to have the product as a bar you will need to pour the cooling mixture into container such as a lasagne dish or a shoe box.

If, like me, you want to have it in a bottle you will need to work out a way of pouring your shampoo into the bottle. I used a tablespoon and twisted the product into the bottle. When I did it it looked a bit like cake mix, so if you can kind of manipulate the product to drip and twist into the bottle that’s the best way to do it.

Once it’s in the bottle put it in your shower, steep it under the water for a few minutes and shaking before use. Bob’s your uncle!

What I’ll be trying next time is probably going to be blueberry and apple tea with coconut and almond oil. That should produce a rich purple coloured cream with a lovely smell. But I’ll keep you guys posted about the results.

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to find a decent sulphate free shampoo, so why not make my own?

Let me know, if you try this, how you get on. Share it on my facebook page ( or tag me in your pictures on instagram (@beckyboo93_) with the tag #florashippiehead.

And that’s it. I’m sending a hug from my couch to yours, and for now love and light, Blessed Be.

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New Upload Schedule

Hello guys, hope you’re having an excellent week so far.

So today I wanted to discuss my new upload schedule on my YouTube channel “Flora the Pagan”. There has never been one, I simply uploaded when I wanted to. But now we are coming closer to 100 subscribers (we hit 60 subscribers as of yesterday) I think it’s time to get more organised.

My plan is, as you may have seen already, is to have a video going up on Monday called “Mulchy Monday” talking about gardening, herbs, medicinal plants, etc. In the first Mulchy Monday I discussed the uses of St Johns Wort, in its natural state and as a tincture. Mulchy Monday may develop into videos such as how to make tinctures, how to make warm compresses with medicinal herbs or how to dry out herbs and use them in spells or in tea or in your cooking.

On Wednesday there will be a video going up called “Random Wednesday.” I was toying with the idea of calling it “Wandom Wednesday” (see what I did there? No? Okay, moving on) or “Remix Wednesday” but in the end I just went for Random Wednesday, and as the name suggests this will just be a random video about anything either the viewers want, or what I want. So if you want a hair tutorial you’re getting a hair tutorial, if I want to put up a video of me playing Grand Theft Auto, you’re getting a video of me playing Grand Theft Auto. However, Random Wednesdays may not always be around every week due to family commitments or other things getting in the way. They will be coming, but maybe not every Wednesday.

Now Friday is going to be called “Vlog Friday” (it has its own intro and everything, so proud!) It does exactly what it says on the tin. Every Friday you’re getting a vlog, whether you want one or not!

I’m very excited about progressing with my channel and I’m hoping you enjoy it too. Your feedback is really appreciated. If you do wish for any particular videos please share your ideas with me and I will see what I can do.

Now onto the blog schedule.

Every Tuesday (I know it’s Wednesday today) I will try to post a blog. Some days I may not be able to due to either work commitments or family, but I will try my best. Basically, the same rules apply to the blog as they do for the Wednesday videos. I will be working on it, but it may not be up until next week due to either work or family. As for the contents of the blog, again it will be whatever I wish to blog about, or whatever has been requested. If you want a blog about a God or Goddess, I’ll write it. If I want to write a blog about an episode Game of Thrones, I’ll write a blog about Game of Thrones. It is as random as that.

But I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your week.

Blessed Be.

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Catch up, Animal Testing & FluCamp!

Hello, hello, hello!

So I’ve been off the radar for the last few months, both on my Youtube channel and on my blog. So I thought it was time to give you guys a bit of a refresher.

So what’s been happening?

Well to tell you the truth, not a lot; just a bit of hassle at work, both personal and professional. Since this I have actually resigned. This is good news, really. It means I’m not letting myself get stressed out anymore and I can devote more time to my personal life and my practice.

All this stress hasn’t been great for my health. With my asthma, if I get stressed I start hyperventilating which triggers an asthma attack. There are other triggers for my asthma, but the predominant trigger is stress. It’s annoying but manageable at the moment and, although I don’t like using manmade medicines, my inhalers have been a godsend the last few weeks.

Whilst we are on the topic of manmade medicine, I think I’ll mention the fact that I’ve stopped taking my antidepressants. I’m quite happy with my progress so far, considering I went cold turkey when I decided to come off them. There’s been a couple of moments where I’ve felt a bit off colour, but apart from that I’m fine.

Now for my reason for posting; product testing.

Anika Garrett posted a video a few weeks ago about animal testing; which companies test on animals.

Although I do not agree with animal testing for cosmetics like lipsticks, eye shadows, etc., to some extent I do agree with it for medicinal purposes.

Now, you’re probably going to be thinking I’m some kind of demon spawn at the moment, but hear me out.

My beloved ginger tom cat Simba, who has sadly passed away now, suffered from kidney failure in his last few months. Because of his kidney failure, his blood pressure rose to a point where his retinas actually detached from his eyes and he went blind. He required tablets to lower his blood pressure; Ramipril, the same tablets my dad uses for his blood pressure.

Now sadly, we did lose Simba in the end, but for his last few months he was comfortable and we believe that he was able to see because his blood pressure had stabilised. It was sad letting him go, but he was suffering in the end. He wasn’t eating, he wasn’t going to the toilet. His bladder was blocked because of an infection caused by the kidney failure. The vet said his bladder was the size of a tennis ball.

As much as I loved him, and still love him, he was ready to cross the rainbow bridge.

Now, why do I mention Simba’s story?

Because the medicine he took would have been tested on animals for human consumption. However because the medicine had been tested on animals, if the animals were required to take the medicine they could take it safely with no repercussions on the rest of their health.

In that respect, although I don’t fully agree with animal testing I believe that if the medicine is not just for human use, but for animal use as well, then I support it.

Human trials however are a necessity and in instances such as cosmetic trials and medicine that will not be fit for animal consumption, I completely agree with human only trials.

In recent weeks, in the UK, there have been a number of websites and television shows (the One Show on the BBC being one of them) mentioning about a company called “FluCamp”.

It’s a medicinal trial aimed at people who suffer from asthma, to find out how our bodies react to the common cold and the influenza virus. What happens during the trial is you are given a strain of the common cold or the flu (or maybe even a placebo!) and are observed for a ten day period by doctors to find out how asthma sufferers deal with common respiratory infections.

You’re not getting ill for free, though. FluCamp give people money for taking part in their examinations.

FluCamp is something I have expressed an interest in, and have actually applied for. I should hear something back in the New Year about my application, so that’s very exciting.

It’s all very exciting, up in the air, at the minute.

Hope you are keeping well, but for now…

Love and light, Blessed Be.

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New Beginnings

Hey guys, hope you’re all well.

For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about what I could do to share my thoughts in a more natural way. Do I change my writing style? Do I alter the way I’m doing the whole blog and start again?

Then it occurred to me about a month ago, maybe a bit more. What is more natural than sitting and talking?

That is why I started a new Youtube channel called Selene Flora which is a play on of my spiritual name.

Here I will post pretty much exactly what I post here. I’ll post about my beliefs, experiences and that kind of thing.

What do you guys think? If you want to check my channel out it is

For now though, love and light. Blessed Be.

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44 Days of Witchery Challenge: Day 10 – My Sun Sign

Today is the day I talk about my sun sign; more commonly known as a star sign.

Your sun sign is what you find in the back of a magazine or newspaper. For those of you that are British; the Mystic Meg column.

For me personally, I never used to feel very connected to my star sign until recently when I started looking into it.

I am a proud Libran.

Probably one of the more submissive star signs in my opinion. I can’t win a shouting match with a Leo that’s for sure.

Librans are all about balance; if a Libran senses something is out of balance, for good or for ill, they will do their utmost to get it back to a perfect balance.

This star sign is normally associated with the element of air, but because of its location in the wheel of the year its qualities are more feminine than masculine.


Now the qualities of the average Libran; balanced, tenacious, kind, loyal and passionate.

Do I possess these qualities? To some extent I do.

In my mind there is no good or evil. There is a universal force that keeps reality in balance. I like balance in my life. When there is instability I get agitated and moody. No matter how small that instability is I need to fix it or I just get more and more irritated until I explode. When a situation is balanced or I have control of it I’m comfortable. The only thing that I’ll allow to be unbalanced is my diet.
Being tenacious and passion kind of go hand in hand with the balancing. If you don’t keep fighting for something that you believe in, the situation isn’t going to be fixed. You may seem like a bull in a china shop, but in the end it will all come good.

Kindness and loyalty?
I am an incredibly generous person. The majority of the time I put the needs of others ahead of my own. I try to be nice to people, even if I don’t get on with them, just so I can keep my life peaceful. However, when it comes to loyalty I’m loyal until you stab me in the back. I would never do anything to harm the person who has upset me but I wouldn’t ever forget what they’d done.

So do I fit into the Libran category? I feel that I do.

Please let me know what your star sign is and if you feel that it suits you in the comments below. But until next time, love and light and brightest blessings.

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44 Days Challenge: Day 9 – Favourite mythical creature

I wish I had an excuse as to why this post is a week late. I really don’t. Life just got in the way. Not to mention I’ve been putting this post off for a while because I’m fond of many different creatures. But one stood out to me after some deep thinking.


I don’t think there’s one little girl on Earth who doesn’t believe in fairies. I did, I still do. The way I see them has changed but I still believe in fairies (or fae).

When I was a little girl I would catch dandelion seeds and keep them. My mum told me they were fairies. I believed that they were fairies. To this day I still feel that they are, to an extent, a fae of some kind.
In my opinion, the fae spirit is the promise of new life. The dandelion seed is the child of a plant, a baby fae looking for its own home.

A lot of people believe that fae exist within nature, that they are a spirit unlinked to anything else.
I personally believe that fae live within plants. What many people refer to as tree spirits I actually believe are fae. There is something so magical about plants; trees, flowers… They are so beautiful and I believe that the spirits of the fae live within them.

Have you ever sat under a tree and felt like you’re with someone even though you’re completely alone? I believe that feeling is the fae watching over you.

I hope this was interesting for you. Hopefully there will be a couple of posts going up this week, all being well.

For now though, love and light. Brightest blessings.

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44 Days of Witchery Challenge: Day 8 – My Favourite Magical Place Outdoors.

So today is day eight of the 44 Days of Witchery Challenge and that is a photograph of a magical place outdoors.

There are a million and one different places I can name, but none really compare to a place that I only discovered recently near my home.

When I take my dog for a walk we normally go down by the river. There are two different routes; one is to go down a bank and then pass by a school, or the other one takes you up to this beautiful secluded woodland and then up to the main road. Normally I go by the school because it leads up to our normal walking route. On Sunday morning, however, I decided to go the other way through the woods.


My dog and I were strolling along, playing fetch and chase. Then for some reason Ziggy (my dog) stopped and was staring at a magpie sat on a tree. I followed his line of sight and then that is when I saw it.

There was a tree standing proudly before us. Its branches were stretched high like arms, its trunk curvaceous and elegant.

I stared at this tree for what felt like years. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I just wanted to stretch out and touch it (of course, I couldn’t

 because it was on the other side of the river). When I saw the tree I felt like Gaia was there in that forest. Her spirit was within that tree.

Since then I haven’t really been able to get that tree out of my head. I’ve even dreamt about walking the dog and sitting beneath it (a bit sad, I know).

But that’s it. I could have said Stonehenge, the town Robertsbridge, Brighton beach… But the place that I felt within my heart is the forest and that beautiful tree. So for now, have a lovely weekend. Love and light. Blessed Be.


44 Days of Witchery Challenge: Day 6/7 – My Favourite God/The Element of Air

Today is Day 6 of the 44 Days of Witchery challenge. Day 6 should have been Friday, but it has been a very tricky topic for me. It’s the topic of my favourite God.

The problem I have with this topic is that I don’t really have a patron God.

I feel connected to a number of Gods; Dionysus, Helios, Geb, Anubis, Osiris… All of them I feel drawn to, but there isn’t one that I can say really stands out. With the Goddess, it was quite easy. Although I have many Goddesses I honour, there is only one that stands out and that’s Gaia.

So unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to give Day 6 a miss.

We’re going to move on to Day 7, which is the element of air. Air is associated with communication, clearing space and the masculine energy of the Earth. Incense, bells and wind chimes are linked to the element of air. When doing an air spell, the spell works at the pace it needs to. With Earth spells they are very slow and fire spells are very quick. With air and water they go at their own speed.

I hope this was helpful for you. Friday is going to be a much more interesting article; a magical place in nature. If you follow me on instagram you may have already seen the place I’m going to be talking about. For now, love and light, Blessed Be.

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