Green Magick

Green magick is something that is very close to my heart. It is working with the energy of the Earth and paying respect to the natural world around you; whether it’s going out and hugging a tree, or sitting in your garden listening to the birds.

A lot of green witches grow herbs for medicinal purposes and work with crystals and animals. I consider myself a green witch as I have about fifteen different herbs that I grow and work with (not now obviously as they’re asleep and have been harvested ready for next year), I have an altar full of crystals and two gorgeous cats and a beautiful little dog who sometimes sit with me when I pray or am working at my altar.

Something that we talk a lot about in magick is the intent. We know about energy, how it is neutral until the intent comes into it and then we put the colour black or white on to it so we can understand it. However green magick is a bit different. How does a green witch put intent into her daily practice?
Her intent is growing the plants, keeping them happy and healthy, charging the crystals, drying herbs, using them in elixirs and potions.

Even if you aren’t interested in green magick, it may be worth introducing medicinal plants into your daily life to save money on prescriptions, rather than pumping your body full of synthetic chemicals that could be doing more harm than good.

If you’re feeling low why not have a bit of St John’s Wort? Or if you’re feeling a bit like you’re coming down with a cold, why not drink some rosehip tea? All you need is a few plant pots, some compost, some jars, a pestle and mortar and a tea strainer. And a lot of patience…

Some herbs I would recommend for those of you who are interested in green magick are:

Sage – for smudge sticks and for pain relief.

Mint – Aids stomach ailments (catnip also works for this and if you have a cat it’s a treat for them, too!)

St John’s Wort – Aids with depression and is a good cold remedy.

Rosehips – Readily available in a garden centre before they are harvestable in the form of a rosebush. The petals can be used in a tincture to aid relaxation. After the first frost the rosehips will be ready to harvest and can be stored to be used in tea to aid with cold and flu symptoms. Yes, you can eat roses. Just give them a wash first because they can get greenfly.

Lavender – Probably one of the most famous herbs; lavender is good for aiding stress and sleep, so is a great companion for use with St John’s Wort.

One thing I will say is don’t plant them in the ground unless you have a lot of space. Mint and lavender are both part of the mint family, as is catnip. Anything in the mint family is a beast when it is planted in the ground and it will dominate your garden, regardless of how much you prune it back. A bonus of that is that your garden will always smell nice, haha!

On that note, have a lovely day. Love and light, Blessed Be.


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