44 Days Challenge: Day 9 – Favourite mythical creature

I wish I had an excuse as to why this post is a week late. I really don’t. Life just got in the way. Not to mention I’ve been putting this post off for a while because I’m fond of many different creatures. But one stood out to me after some deep thinking.


I don’t think there’s one little girl on Earth who doesn’t believe in fairies. I did, I still do. The way I see them has changed but I still believe in fairies (or fae).

When I was a little girl I would catch dandelion seeds and keep them. My mum told me they were fairies. I believed that they were fairies. To this day I still feel that they are, to an extent, a fae of some kind.
In my opinion, the fae spirit is the promise of new life. The dandelion seed is the child of a plant, a baby fae looking for its own home.

A lot of people believe that fae exist within nature, that they are a spirit unlinked to anything else.
I personally believe that fae live within plants. What many people refer to as tree spirits I actually believe are fae. There is something so magical about plants; trees, flowers… They are so beautiful and I believe that the spirits of the fae live within them.

Have you ever sat under a tree and felt like you’re with someone even though you’re completely alone? I believe that feeling is the fae watching over you.

I hope this was interesting for you. Hopefully there will be a couple of posts going up this week, all being well.

For now though, love and light. Brightest blessings.


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